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NEW "Leave It To BESTT" - Parental Leave Fulfilment/Temporary Placement Program  

As an employer, do you need to fill a parental and find smart, hard-working talent or any other temporary employment requirements?  Introducing the NEW..."Leave It To BESTT" - Parental Leave Fulfilment/Temporary Placement Program. Contact us today and we can fill you in on all the details of how we can assist you professionally and confidentially at or call us at 1-855-212-1783.



Welcome to BESTT

Finding exceptional science, engineering and technology professionals is always a challenge for employers. This is especially true in high growth economies like we have in Alberta. To facilitate this connection, BESTT is a new and innovative non-profit program that acts as a bridge between Alberta Industry/High Tech Companies and innovation professionals. BESTT stands for Bridge for Engineering, Science and Technology Talent, and is a collaboration between industry, government and academia.

BESTT works with engineering, science and technology professionals who are looking for meaningful careers in Alberta’s industry/high tech sector. These professionals are typically new to Alberta, have advanced degrees, or are re-entering the workforce. BESTT provides career advice, internship opportunities, and facilitates networking opportunities in several ways - including hosting events and providing career coaching.